A Phenomenology Of Panic | By Richard Grossinger | Issue 328 | The Sun Magazine
328 - Tweedy-Holmes - Grossinger

A Phenomenology Of Panic

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When I read Richard Grossinger’s “A Phenomenology of Panic” [April 2003], I felt as if someone had reached across the miles and helped me hold my head up and my shoulders back. Those of us who are well acquainted with such demons naturally regard ourselves as defective, as, in Grossinger’s words, “someone who should be thrown out for another model.” Grossinger has weathered the journey and finally gained spiritual clarity. His words are a balm to others who desperately need to know that they are not alone with their panic.

I agree that Buddhist practice, and not drugs offered by indifferent psychiatrists, is the answer. I also agree with the psychotherapist who said to Grossinger, “You’re one of the strongest people I know.” Suffering does breed strength and gives one an inexplicable edge in life.

Kelly Aanrud Amherst Junction, Wisconsin
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