excerpted fromThe First And Last Freedom | By J. Krishnamurti | Issue 435 | The Sun Magazine

excerpted from
The First And Last Freedom

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I had been thinking of not renewing my subscription, but the March 2012 issue, with the photos of and quotes from marines and the Dog-Eared Page excerpt from J. Krishnamurti’s The First and Last Freedom, made my heart swell, and who does not listen to their heart?

Anne Holt Blanco, Texas

Although I’ve been a Sun subscriber for many years, I can’t recall two back-to-back pieces having as much impact on me as “Underneath the Armor” and the excerpt from J. Krishnamurti’s The First and Last Freedom. Americans who feel entitled to cheap gasoline and wars fought with drones and other people’s children need to be exposed to the brutal power in these writings and photographs. Not to acknowledge such truths deadens the soul.

Thomas A. Bloch Ashburn, Virginia
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