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December 2013


Krista Bremer lives in Carrboro, North Carolina.


H. de C. is an award winning nonfiction writer, essayist, literary journalist, and contributor to many notable periodicals.


Emma Duffy-Comparone’s fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Ploughshares, One Story, and The Southern Review, and she has received a fellowship from the MacDowell Colony. She is a lecturer at Tufts University near Boston and lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.


Patricia Foster, a professor in the MFA program at the University of Iowa, is the editor of four essay collections and the author of the nonfiction books All the Lost Girls and Just beneath My Skin. She recently drove a thousand miles with her husband to the ocean in order to write about life in Iowa. She is working on a book about illness and marriage.


Tony Hoagland is spending his sabbatical in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the country’s most abundant marketplace for Southwestern-themed art of questionable quality. His most recent poetry collection is Unincorporated Persons in the Late Honda Dynasty, and his essay “Twenty Little Poems That Could Save America” was published this year in Harper’s online.


James Joyce was an Irish writer born in 1882. He achieved notoriety in the early 1920s with his novel Ulysses that was banned in the U.S. for its explicit sexual content until 1933. Joyce’s other novels are A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man and Finnegans Wake. He died in Zürich, Switzerland, in 1941.


Mark Leviton doesn’t know why all of his significant romantic partners have been psychologists, but he does know that music is his long-term mistress. He lives in Nevada City, California, and his music writing can be found in the archive at


Yehoshua November is the author of the poetry collection God’s Optimism, which was a finalist for the 2010 Los Angeles Times Book Prize in poetry. He teaches writing at Rutgers University and Touro College and lives with his wife and five children in Teaneck, New Jersey.


Frederick Reiken is the author of three novels, most recently Day for Night, which was a finalist for the 2010 Los Angeles Times Book Prize in fiction. He lives with his wife and two daughters in western Massachusetts, where he’s the coach of his five-year-old’s soccer team. He teaches creative writing at Emerson College and will be the writer-in-residence at the Nether­lands Institute for Advanced Study in 2014.


Sy Safransky is editor and publisher of The Sun.



Robert C. Anderson is a photographer, portrait painter, and retired educator who lives in Chicago.


James Atherton travels with his cat, Mo, between homes in Boulder, Colorado, and Pacific Grove, California.


Sarah Blodgett’s photographs have been published in Fine Gardening, The Knot, and Martha Stewart Living. She lives in Ithaca, New York, where she is learning to ride a unicycle.


Perry Dilbeck lives in Locust Grove, Georgia, and is a photography instructor at the University of Atlanta. He is the author of The Last Harvest: Truck Farmers in the Deep South, and his photographs have appeared in Black & White, LensWork, and Photographer’s Forum.


Zach Grether is an aerospace and software engineer and an astrophotographer who had two winning images in the 2013 International Earth and Sky Photo Contest. He lives in Apache Junction, Arizona.


Carlos A. Gustavo is from New York City. He spends much of his time traveling the country and taking photographs, which he is compiling for a new book titled Resin.


Gretchen Seifert is a massage therapist who is learning to play the fiddle. She lives in Centralia, Missouri.


Jennifer Spelman’s photography career began when she worked for a district attorney’s office and took pictures of crime scenes, sometimes from a helicopter. She teaches photography in the U.S., Canada, Cuba, and India, and she lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


On The Cover

Nina Marie Ventra is a full-time photographer and sculptor living on the southern Oregon coast, where she’s looking for land to start an arboretum and sculpture park. She took this month’s cover photograph in 2009 at Burning Man, an annual weeklong event in the Nevada desert. The couple in the photo had just emerged from their tent in the morning. The woman was eight months pregnant at the time, and she and her pediatrician husband have since had another baby.

image © Zach Grether

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