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I think it is universal, that is part of the energy now, and I think the way you asked the question is sort of a trap, sort of linear; I don’t think when people get divorced it is necessarily a failure of the marriage, I think sometimes it is a finishing, a completing of the marriage. That you sometimes have worked out all the things that you can work out together. Of course sometimes it is just because you don’t want to look at the dynamic thing which is the matching junk in the other person and you’ll marry the same kind of person again. And the same problem will be there again. That’s also alright because they aren’t exactly the same kind of person, there obviously is something else in there. You don’t need to make a judgment about whether it’s good or bad, or should we stay together or not stay together, but to be genuine with one another, and be as truthful as you can be, not necessarily in detail, but in essence, in caring.

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Patricia Sun

The ordinary is not one of the more heavily advertised images in the New Age. Promotional material for speakers, workshops, and communities emphasizes the grandiose, with an insistent sweetness that’s an easy target for the satirists and cynics: Transformation! Self-Metamorphosis! Rainbows! Sunsets! Joyous Life! Oneness is All!

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The thing that I’ve noticed, everywhere I go, is that in every person, no matter how evolved, there is a little dark, sad, anxious place inside. No matter how cheery they are, I look in and I see that place.

Facing Cancer

Still Looking For The Key

There are those . . . who have been healed through faith, through using wheatgrass, various herb teas, as well as chemotherapy and radiation. I know that all these healings have taken place. I still have not found the route to my own health.

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Good ideas are the stuff of inner growth and light. Bad ideas twist and stunt and darken. Either way, ideas race the mind to motion like the motorcyclist’s kick-start.

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Simple Pleasures

It was one in the afternoon, but the carnival was still in the stages of opening for the day. Only fifty or so people milled around on the circular midway. The managers of the food concessions were discussing strategies for coping with a breeze that had kicked up. Lowering the panels on the south side of each stand, they decided, would keep the dust from settling over their hot dogs, pizza, and tacos.

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Standing on a street corner waiting for no one is Power.

Gregory Corso, Power

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