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Poems Of Twofold Consciousness

The conviction that nature is defective because it lacks reason I’ve called the “Old Position,” and I begin this book with seven poems of condescension, reflecting an eighteenth century attitude and much in line with Descartes’ statement, “I think, therefore I am.”


I was on the San Diego freeway driving sixty miles an hour and a door opened in that wall and I walked through. I had seen the wall before but it never had a door. This time there was an open door and I walked through.

You Must Go Home Again

Yes, to go home again means a lot of work. But we are a generation (and perhaps soon to be a nation) out of work. And maybe it was the work we were running from all along.

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Readers Write

John Lennon

I was struck by how much meaning could be conveyed in just a few words, in the words “John Lennon is dead.”

How I See God

God looks much the same to me as He did in 1955. At age six, God looked a lot like a combination of an elderly Abraham Lincoln and Uncle Sam.



We have to stumble through so much dirt and humbug before we reach home. And we have no one to guide us. Our only guide is our homesickness.

Herman Hesse, Steppenwolf

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