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An Interview With Jehangir Chubb

When I noticed courses on Eastern religion being offered around town by Jehangir Chubb, a retired professor of philosophy from the University of Bombay in India, I was intrigued. Was he another dry intellectual or a genuine teacher, with something to say to us all?

Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

Unlocking The Map Room

When I work with someone these days, it’s usually in a workshop setting. I ask the person to stand and walk. I like to see the posture, the structure of the body, the way the person moves. I’m asking: What kind of world is this person in? Who is he relating to? How old is he? Look at a person’s posture and shape and you can almost “see” a situation. “Posture,” “pose,” “position”; these words suggest what I mean. I’m looking for a character in a play, the part the person has chosen in life or was forced to play. Often, it’s completely obvious.

The Rising Sun Neighborhood Newsletter

I was thinking that TV cameras are making us see only things kind of far away, and l was thinking that magazines are making us hear things only if they’ve been written down by someone we don’t know, and I was thinking that newspapers are making us value only people we haven’t met, so I started thinking we should start writing, drawing, painting, singing, shouting what we notice about the neighborhood right here to each other every day and maybe it will help us start to learn to treasure what we can also touch.


Mental Basketball

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, welcome to WYOY’s Mental-Basketball Game of the Week. Today’s contest pits mind against matter for the championship of Western Civilization. The winner here will meet the Eastern Civilization Champion to ultimately determine who will oppose the forces of nature in the Fourth Dimension. I’m Pebble-Mouth Grimsley here to call the blow by blow along with Flash “Whatever-Happened-To-Him” Gordon, our colorful commentator. Flash, how does it look?

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Readers Write

School Days

Twas third grade, I think, and I was to make my dramatic debut as a cold germ before the general assembly of Pierrepont Elementary School. Chosen to portray my fellow germ was Walter Mortimer (mon frere, mon semblable), the two of us appropriately undersized and towheaded. To heighten the effect, we both had to wear look-alike costumes, flannel pj’s over our school clothes. Bill Staehle, as I recall, played Johnny, who through certain practices of clean living and incantations of good health would banish us cold germs forever. The instrument of this exorcism was one of those pre-aerosol, hand-pumped bug sprayers, supposedly cleansed of insecticide.

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Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes you get rained out.

Satchel Paige

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