Issue 77 | The Sun Magazine

April 1982

Readers Write

How I Relax

A crystal drop of rain, a broken clock, a ball peen hammer

By Our Readers


O Lord, give me chastity and continency, but not yet.

St. Augustine

The Sun Interview

Ordinary Mind

An Interview With Allen Ginsberg

It could be said that sympathy is our most powerful tool, because nothing stops it, except disaster, but disaster’s impermanent. Hell is impermanent as well as heaven. Therefore there’s nothing to stop sympathy; even in the middle of deepest illusion you can be aware that something else is possible when you see things as outside of yourself and can bear with them.

By Howard Jay Rubin


A Story From The Deep Country

The stillness soothes me, reaches out to my battered spirit, until I sense the borders of that peace that waits beyond words, beyond human interaction. Stillness, peace, wordless energy: this I need, I have come to find.

By Barbara Dean


The Poetry Of Pamela Perkins Atkinson

By Pamela Perkins Atkinson & Chris Bursk