Issue 79 | The Sun Magazine

June 1982

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What Is Sex?

The cherry-on-top, some kind of magic glue, the whole world

By Our Readers


There are said to be creative pauses,
pauses that are as good as death, empty
and dead as death itself.
And in these awful pauses the
evolutionary change takes place.

D.H. Lawrence

The Sun Interview

Quiet Mind

An Interview With Matt Lippa

Each thought, each feeling, each idea, each sense, each desire creates a pattern. Usually, thought is random, desires are random, fears, worries are unchecked. They’re working counter to each other; there’s a lot of confusion. So what manifests in the person’s life is chaos. Well, you can control your mind and determine what will manifest in your life.

By Howard Jay Rubin
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Teaching, And The Mood Of Relativity

Many years ago when I first taught college English, I made a discovery in the first or second week of teaching, namely, that the main obstacle to instruction, to one’s ability to teach someone something they don’t already know, is the mood and spirit of relativity.

By John Rosenthal
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

The White Horse: Seth On Animals

Seth says the inner intent always forms any exterior change, which contradicts the Darwinian assumption that outer motivation propels the development of new abilities. It is not the survival of the fittest that is the prime purpose of a species. Survival is merely the means by which a species can attain its goal of enhancing the quality of life, as it experiences life through itself.

By Elizabeth Rose Campbell

Celluloid Children

Grandma was a person of the Middle Kingdom. The center of civilized life. With one hand she propped up a star-gazer, and with the other she reached down to the bowels of life to offer a hand to the lost and bewildered.

By Ron Jones

At The End Of The Fiscal Year

Ten months prior to being eligible for his company’s pension and benefit plan, after almost twenty years, Ben Ross was fired.

By Leslie Woolf Hedley

The Gabriel Books


“The Gabriel Books” are a series of small cartoon books.

By Natalia d’Arbeloff