Issue 85 | The Sun Magazine

December 1982



Empires rise and fall like the abdomen of God. It’s just the universe breathing.

Scoop Nisker

The Sun Interview

Buckminster Fuller Talks Politics

Evolution will not tarry. The money system doesn’t mean to make changes. Evolution finds that the money system is inadequate and does not express wealth. Evolution is going through with a world market. It’s cutting off the nations, and so the money of the nations will go right along with them.

By Lightning Allan Brown
The Sun Interview

Looking Back

Tuli Kupferberg On The Not-So-Bygone Sixties

In the Thirties a lot of artists were radicalized, the Village was radicalized. The streams were always together, and the Sixties seemed to be a real fruition of this period. It seemed as if it was going into the mainstream. The mistake, of course, was that it was just a youth movement, and it made no contact with anything past student life. And when the main student issue, which was the war, dissolved it was seen to be organizationally and theoretically a weak movement, because it was not able to link up with the rest of the country, the working class, the middle class, and with the older age groups.

By Howard Jay Rubin & Jerome Rubin
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Legally Piggly

The main objective of the Wall Street lawyers was for the corporations to get out from under the tax control of the American government. In 1933 the American people had saved the corporations by subsidizing them; then, twenty years later, the Wall Street lawyers moved them out of America, getting the American people to pay for the move.

By Buckminster Fuller
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The Main Thing

If you have opened yourself up to more of the unknown than you have developed the trust and resources to handle, you can upset the balance and this is how people blow it. Either way you look at it, trusting in the future doesn’t mean ignoring it.

By Cheryl Schilling
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Pocket Physics And The Metaphysics Of Pocket Physics

If we wish to help humanity, we must first revise our assumptions about others with the understanding that ALL functional agreements are pleasurable. Having done that, the best any of us can do is communicate — whatever the form in which we do so — the information that the contracted entity is free to expand, and that the energy entity is free to cease being energy if it so desires. Merely making others more energetic, or organizing the submissively stupid, is not a solution to the human condition.

By Thaddeus Golas

The Gabriel Books


“The Gabriel Books” are a series of small cartoon books.

By Natalia d’Arbeloff


(March 22, 1977)

By Michael Shorb