People, Land, And Community | By Wendell Berry | Issue 97 | The Sun Magazine

People, Land, And Community


Did so enjoy Issue 97. We are committing ourselves (or eventually having ourselves committed, whichever comes first) to a stretch of 20 acres here in the Texas Hill Country. The foundation for the first building has been poured and I finally set myself to the task of breaking the ground for a first garden in the spring. Wendell Berry’s article seemed significant — much to think about and much was brought to the surface within which I had not even paused to acknowledge. Our task ahead is phenomenal if for no other reason than because of our love for the land and the animals and the life it both promises and threatens. Great article. Also enjoyed tremendously “The Green Woman” for its gentleness and wisdom and a deep glimpse into the feminine psyche. More, more. . . .

Lana Summers Fredericksburg, Texas
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