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Scam Alert!

September 13, 2013

Some of our subscribers recently received a fraudulent renewal offer asking them to renew their subscription to The Sun for the price of $79.95 with a payment due of $39.95. This letter did not come from us, and we are not affiliated with the company that mailed it. If you receive such a notice, do not send them any money.

Legitimate subscription correspondence from The Sun features our logo and the address of our subscription department in Congers, New York. You can safely renew your subscription via our printed renewal notices, through our online customer-care portal, or by phone at (888) 732-6736.

If you have received a suspicious renewal notice, please send it to our editorial office:

The Sun
Attn: Molly House, Circulation Manager
107 North Roberson Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Thank you for supporting The Sun.

Note: A previous fraudulent offer asked subscribers to renew for $111 with an amount due of $55.50.

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