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Readers Write

Readers Write

First Sexual Experience

In the tall broomsedge, in a nearly finished new house, in a tent

By Our Readers November 1979
Readers Write


Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Mrs. Allen, Guru Maharaji Ji

By Our Readers October 1979
Readers Write

Places Of Worship

The world, the remains of ancient Thera, Stonehenge

By Our Readers September 1979
Readers Write


My fear of my father, my piano, my unsuppressible nomadic tendencies

By Our Readers August 1979
Readers Write

Drug Experiences

Dogwood blooms scattered along the path looking like unreal party decorations; wonderfully visible auras of soft neon; hearing the one note that we and all we sense are merely harmonics of

By Our Readers July 1979
Readers Write

Family Stories

Waiting for the angels, chopping the head off a chicken, building a house — twice

By Our Readers June 1979
Readers Write

Job Experiences

Agency fees, electric shocks, “chronic” customers

By Our Readers March 1979
Readers Write


(Part Two)

A curve ball, Panic Alley, the Birch Tree

By Our Readers February 1979
Readers Write


The “Today” show, “Washington Week in Review,” Barbara Walters

By Our Readers February 1979
Readers Write


Blaze’s five-gaited walk, Spot’s violent death, Tiger’s Mississippi River adventure

By Our Readers January 1979
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