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Break! Break! CB And The — Mercy Sakes Alive! — Communications Revolution

Citizen’s Band radio is the biggest thing to hit the market since television. It is also the biggest revolution in communications since the telephone. There are two main facets to this phenomenon — fad and function.

By David Searls September 1976
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Who’s Who Of Local Space Travelers

zone-chief No. 1, a human potentate related to the present author, a duck-shirted Uranian Rememberer, PULVERO, Overseer of Earth’s eastern seaboard.

By Pulvero July 1976
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Searls Speaks

Making Sense Of Seth

One of Seth’s main points is that each of us has a personality that is far deeper and more complex than our senses lead us to think. Each of us has lived many lives, he says, and the physical reality that we are focused in is but one aspect of personal being that operates on many levels.

By David Searls May 1976
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Soul On Ice?

If you’re looking for a way to control your money from the grave and religious promises of spiritual immortality don’t grab you, then your brass ring may be cryogenic internment.

By Priscilla Rich Safransky April 1976
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Peopletalk: Language And Other Expressions

Language, more than anything else, separates man from other animals. It plays a dominant role in shaping our conceptions about the world. Language is a means of transmitting and storing information, generally with words or other symbols.

By Priscilla Rich Safransky, Sy Safransky, Rob Gelblum, Ebba Kraar & David Bonnis January 1976
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Dear Buddha

What is time and what is space and why are they the window and the door of our existence?

By the editors December 1975
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How Do You Get Your Thumb To Say Cheeze?

Kirlian Photography And The Human Aura

The human aura has been reported by psychics for thousands of years. These independent yet similar reports of a visible glow around the human body suggest that the aura does exist, at least in the mind of the beholder. The question is: “What is the human aura?”

By Priscilla Rich June 1975
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And Then There’s Dying . . . Or Is There?

A Look At Survival Research

If there is survival after death, then that which survives must exist beforehand, in the living. In other words, it should be possible to approach the survival question by a study of consciousness in the living.

By W. G. Roll June 1975
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Alternative Energy

Solar energy, many scientists believe, is adequate for all the conceivable energy needs of the world. It is safe and clean, but expensive. The main technical obstacle is bringing down the cost of the solar cells, which convert light from the sun directly into electric current.

By Joy Hewitt January 1974