Through The Eyes Of A Citizen Diplomat | By Joel Schatz | Issue 134 | The Sun Magazine

Through The Eyes Of A Citizen Diplomat

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I want to thank you not only for paying attention to Citizen Summitry, but also for the graceful, lively, informative introduction to the two chapters you have reprinted [Issue 134].

In the past few weeks Don Carlson and I have been on a “media tour” on behalf of our two books. Typically we are greeted politely by a host who feels he or she ought to give peace at least occasional coverage, but who has not taken the time you did to discover the extent to which our approach differs from what they’ve heard before. As the interviewer grasps the difference, on the air, he or she becomes more and more enthusiastic. Both Don and I have had the experience of being invited for a sixty-minute call-in show and, after the station gets a record number of calls, being kept for a second hour.

It reminds me of the extraordinary extent to which many people in this country have, without acknowledging it, given up. When hope is offered, it’s as if the ground begins to thaw and flowers begin to sprout. While it will always be necessary to analyze problems and diagnose sickness, all of us, especially as artists and editors, can help by presenting examples of what works, by eliciting positive visions, and by creating the conditions for wellness. Thanks for your help.

Craig Comstock
Ark Communications Institute
Lafayette, California
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