Pacifism Versus Passivism | By Walter Wink | Issue 141 | The Sun Magazine

Pacifism Versus Passivism

On Revolutionary Nonviolence

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I wonder if Walter Wink (“Pacifism Versus Passivism: On Revolutionary Nonviolence,” Issue 141] knows that “Third Way” is an old Quaker term and a basis of the Quaker peace testimony. Quakerism teaches that situations seem insoluble only to us; the Spirit always has an answer, which will be shared if we wait quietly and attentively for it. The Quaker term of comfort to a perplexed friend is, “Way (always capitalized) will open.” Or, as a recently popular button puts it, “Way will open when I get out of my own way.”

Thank you for a great magazine.

Susan Shaughnessy Washington, D.C.
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