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An Interview With Peter Caddy

I think all the institutions need to undergo a change, as we move into the New Age. I think there needs to be commitment in two souls coming together, and taking responsibility, taking responsibility for their family. So commitment is a sense of responsibility.

Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

Growing People — The Findhorn Experience

I think that in cooperation with the forces of nature that love is the key, just as it’s the key in cooperation between people. So, love your flowers, love the soil, tune into the plants and follow those inner promptings as to what the plants need.

Notes On The Lecture On Findhorn

The fiddlers in the balcony, the festiveness, the excitement of being at a lecture by messengers of another, happier age — all that was there, but there was something more, unnameable, which seemed to go beyond expectation and per­sonality into the very meaning of oneness, a sharing beyond attempting to share but by simply being.

Food First — Beyond The Myth Of Scarcity

Book Excerpt

This is one of those books you’d like everybody to read. Because hunger is everybody’s problem. And most of us don’t understand why.

Journal Writing

Where It Can Go From Where It Is

How does anyone find craft? Most of us know it already, somewhere in completion and being public in some way and constant rejection slips and the depression that comes after a long, energetic piece of work is done. We might have to learn about ecstasy. We might have to become intimate with ourselves and with other people, and with the whole world, because that’s what a writer does.

Winning In America

Communication is the network that strings all our teeth together. Gossip stains them. Pure thoughts produce pure smiles, the real shining brightness. I’ve been there, where truth is a suspect. In the typical business office those jaws tighten when I tell a truth. The jaws are all waiting for me to enter their dark tunnel.

All That Glitters

Book Review

I often wonder if the multitudes of people who casually use the term Great American Novel have the slightest idea what they mean by it. I’m pretty vague on the term myself — I don’t use it freely — but I would imagine that the mythical book which it describes would be written on a massive scale, in a grand style, and would somehow sum up the American experience. American Gold is not such a book, nor does it attempt to be.

Making Predictions

Astrology, particularly predictive astrology, can be an awesomely powerful tool. Through it, consciousness is extended beyond its natural limits. Rather than seeing life from ground level as a series of confrontations with specific, seemingly unrelated situations, the awareness rises temporarily into the stratosphere. From that perspective, each event takes its place in a pattern of unfolding themes. All sense of randomness disappears, being replaced by a vivid feeling of life as a path with a clear direction.

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Readers Write

What Is Marriage?

No visions of ever after bliss you are my one and only had I. For never did I dream or think or plan that someday I would marry. But I did and I am. Married.

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Sy Safransky's Notebook

August 1978

Five Poems

This Life The turnip greens are cooking, shrinking “to nothing” on the …

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One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.

Carl Jung

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