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Good Medicine

An Unorthodox Prescription For Health

Our focus this month is on health. Wholistic health, to be specific: an attitude that sees our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves as part of a single, organic whole.

Laughing At Ourselves

There’s something about a “New Age Cultural Event” that asks you to put your brain on hold, a flavor of contrived holiness and assumed agreement that makes you twitch all over. To be sure, there’s also a great deal more spontaneity than most establishment events allow and, at their best, a gypsy-like exuberance that fosters a relationship between artists and audience seldom experienced in philharmonic halls. The little flaw between the ideal of the Renaissance Fair and what we actually have on the roster is the proclivity on the part of many New Age performers to say that they are channelling God . . . and their need to have us agree with them.


True Stories

This story, told by a talented local songwriter, deals with how he decided to dedicate his life to music.

Finding Balladeer Ed

(A Childish Tale)

After long days and nights, after asking and following the advice of many strangers, our hero of medieval aspect and suitcase indestructible beheld from a hill his journey’s end, the village of Balladeer Ed.

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Readers Write


Brain tumor. I first remember hearing of it twenty years ago when my parents whispered at the dinner table that a popular neighborhood boy who was very tall had a brain tumor. From that point on, I associated a brain tumor with being tall and popular.

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